A multimedia artist, extraordinarily versatile and profound. Expressive, abstract, sensitive and full of feeling in his paintings, exceptionally strong and strong-willed in his character.

Full of radiant strength of soul that has experienced the ups and downs of life; he knows life as a whole, from its good and its bad sides.

His colours are glowing, strong and brilliant, no matter if in light or shade, he has the light of colour, expressive and abstract.

In his paintings and his compositions, Wilhelm Zimmerhackl works with his whole body, his soul and his spirit.

He is powerful in his language, too. His fighting-spirit has never let him down.

One goal remains unchanged: the perfection of his art and the will to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, i.e. a total work of art in his

paintings, music and poetry.

A cosmic symphony for the world and for mankind as a whole. Purity is his highest aspiration.

Wilhelm Zimmerhackl moulds himself in his character, envisaging his soul, his spirit and his perfection, and yet he is humble, simple and never haughty.

His work radiates this strength. He says, If I hadn’t art, I would live no more. Solely through his art he was able to find himself and to exceed all limits.

He lives the sentence, Where there’s a will there’s a way.

He strives for the absolute, the extraordinary, the whole thing creating it from within himself in the reality of this world.

That is why he is painter, composer, video artist and poet.

He is also cosmopolitan and a man of spirit in this world.

An artist has to free himself of all earthly burden for art is a matter of pure strength of spirit. Only in the purest truth lies true and endless art, which will always remain and be true forever.

Alida Dekker

His best friend and patron, who showed him his spiritual an inner way wehen he was a young man and helped him and his familiy in an extraordinary fashion.