Graphic arts

Here the artist uses charcoal, Indian ink, chalk, felt pen to draw portraits, nudes, landscapes and architecture in expressive stroke and abstraction.


Whether in oil, watercolour, acryl or tempera, it is always colour that is his great strength.


themes of existing works:


- for chamber orchestra

"Acht Visionen"

- for chamber orchestra


- for piano or full orchestra


- for piano, flute & violin

"Die Träumende"

- for chamber orchestra

"Die Auserwählten"

- for chamber orchestra & ballet


with reference to music, where Language and sound are brought into unity.

Video art

Electronic technology helped me to merge my paintings and music optically and acoustically into an artistic work as a whole (“Gesamtkunstwerk”). This was achieved in the artistic video film “Rotation – Acht Visionen” (“Rotation – Eight Visions”) for whose paintings, music and screenplay I worked for three years.

The cassette was produced in a video studio in 1976 under my own and sole supervision and financed privately.

Content of “Rotation”:

Rotating tension and movement; colours dissolving in a multitude of contrasts and shades. It reflects the spirit of the universe, the all embracing life in space and the supernatural vitality of the spirit.


The pictures radiate from within; they give people strength and joy and reflect the original in colour. They are life-affirming and through them the artist, who is not only a painter but also a composer, can create a colour symphony in pictures. He loves nature and life, he is full of youth – and who would not like to be young?