We have to regard Wilhelm Zimmerhackl as man and artist The man wrestles with his body and his surroundings. The artist forgets about his body and is totally wrapped up in his spirit. Already when he was a child, he had the potential to be a painter and a musician. From the beginning he had one aim: to bring painting, music and language together to be one art.

1963 and ’64 first exhibition of paintings at Melk/Donau
Through meditation his soul put forth music

April 1972 1st matinee at Melk/Donau. First performance of compositions, exhibition of oil paintings

Through hard work and further studies with Professor Heinrich Gattermeyer he was able to put on a

second matinee at Palais Palffy/Vienna world premiering and recording for the
Austrian radio five compositions.

Prof Gattermeyer encouraged him to write “Alestra”, a piano sonata that was broadcast on the Austrian and Bavarian radios.

Nowadays an artist also has to be his own manager because they are a dying species.

In 1974 joint exhibition in Paris.

Money is important to an artist in that it enables him to live, to secure a living: Other than that it is nothing but mere business.

An artist’s work is hard work for all his personality, permeating form and colour.

A harmony of sounds and melody.

World premiere and radio recording of the sextet “Die Auserwählten” (The chosen few) at the Brahmssaal of the Vienna Musikverein on March 19, 1974

Nov 1974 joint exhibition at Beaune Cotes D’or, France

Sep 06, 1975 broadcasting of “Die Auserwählten” on the Austrian Radio

April 1976 first production of the first European colour video cassette “Rotation – Acht Visionen” (Rotation – eight visions) in corporation with VIDEOFILM Ges.m.b.H., 1010 Vienna

Content: oil paintings and compositions by Wilhelm Zimmerhackl were electronically merged into one unity; duration: 30 minutes

Merging painting and music was not only an artistic but also a technical problem. Here, like elsewhere, Wilhelm Zimmerhackl was a pioneer too: video artist.

Language is his form of expression too: dramatic, profound, epressive, abstract and ambiguous.

There are the entire text and a draught version of the musical score of a ballet opera, “Adio – in tausend Jahren” yet there is no patron to commission the work; Austria simply seems to be too small.
In this ballet opera life is presented in dramatic characters, the soul is made audible and visible in a sound picture of sheer musicality.

July 1976 radio recording of the trio “Sehnsucht” (Desire)

Fall 1976 presentation of the art video film “Rotation – Acht Visionen” in Milan, Italy. Exhibition of oil paintings

January 1977 FILMPREIS der Stadt Wien (film award of the City of Vienna) for “Rotation – Acht Visionen”

Feb 17 – 20, 1977 presentation of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” at the INTERKUNST 77, Palais Lichtenstein, Vienna

May 1977 presentation of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” at the Cannes Film Festival, France

Salzburg – city of music, dream of every artist, where the world is at home.

Aug 4 –26, 1977 exhibition of oil paintings that had been electronically dealt with in “Rotation – Acht Visionen” at the Traklhaus, Salzburg.

 Simultaneously, presentation of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” opened by deputee governour Dr. Herbert Moritz

Nov 27, 1977 In his radio broadcast “Im Rampenlicht”, Ö1 critic calls “music aand pictures of the video film impressive”.

Dec 6, 1977 presentation of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” at the IPZ

Dec 29, 1977 broadcast of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” in the ORF cultural format “Kontrapunkt”

May 22, 1978 participation at the AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt) with pieces of graphic art and paintings
opened by Austrian President Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger i
n the presence of Ministers Dr. Ingrid Leodolter, Dr. Weissenberg and Dr. Fred Sinowatz.

Excerpts of “Rotation – Acht Visionen” were shown.

1979 exhibitions at Ziersdorf, Volksbank Tulln, Sparkasse Krems joint exhibition at the Galerie „Alte Schmiede“, Vienna Palais Pallavicini, Vienna, Kunstförderungsverein Stockerau

1981 joint exhibitions at the Vienna Hofburg and the Vienna Künstlerhaus, both visited by Austrian President Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger

1982 exhibition at the Spiel Casino, Linz

1984 publication of original colour etchings through the Galerie “Ruf”, Munich
exhibition of original colour etchings at the Frankfurter Buchmesse by Edition Grafik d’or, Switzerland

1985 creation of the composition “Der Taum der Träume” (The dream of dreams)
sketches for the ballet opera “Adio – in tausend Jahren”
sketches for the piano sonata “Licht – Keim der Welt”“Durchbruch” (Light – seed of the world – breakthrough)
sketches for “Die Zeit” “Expansion” (Time – expansion)
sketches for the character piece “Fantastica” etc.

1987 composition of “Ein Stück Wahrheit” for piano – two
exhibition at the Kurzentrum Bad Hall

1988 performance of the piano sonata “Alestra” by Reinhild Clodi- Wellmann at the Palais Palffy, Vienna
first performance of “Euroasia” – clarinet concerto
”Adio – in tausend Jahren” overture to the ballet opera for orchestra
”Der Morgen” (The morning) for chamber orchestra
at the same time exhibition of oil paintings and watercolours

Paris!!! World city where everybody meets, throbbing with pulsating life day and night, never sleeping, an explosion of life.

1989 International world exhibition “Planete Couleur” at the Eiffel Tower - Paris, with the participation of artists from around the world, from Sep 21 to Oct 1
opened by Madame Bernadette Chirac

1990 Austria Tabak, Vienna “Kunst – mein Leben” (My life in
opening speech held by Ernst Harmannstein

Berlin!!! World city, yet cosy and humane too, where everyone gets to know everyone else and can expand.

1991 International world exhibition “Planete Couleur” at the
Berlin - Kunstamt Wedding, June 22 – July 27

Vienna, a loud, yet dreamy city, with a lack of trust; everyone lives his own life.

1991 Palais Auersperg, Vienna
opening by City Mayor Dr Helmut Zilk
guest celebrity: Rudolf Nurejev

creation of the composition “Klangbilder” (sound pictures) 14

1992 opening of the Kunstzentrum Melk

1996 exhibition of oil paintings at the Renaissance castle Schallaburg from March to October; opening MP Karl Moser

1997 Stadtmuseum St. Pölten, Mar 14 – April 13
exhibition of oil paintings, watercolours, original drawings and etchings
creation of an art calendar 1998; presentation at the Römerhalle, Mautern under the auspices of governor LH Dr Erwin Pröll
opening speech by MP Karl Donabauer

1998 “melk-art” – local artists present their work
exhibition of oil paintings

2003 Forstamt Melk, July 4 – August 3
exhibition of prints and oil paintings

Oct 12 – Tag der offenen Tür (open day) at the artist’s home, organised by ÖGZM ;
Maki Saeki performs the “Alestra” piano sonata
Kaori Nishii performs “Ein Stück Wahrheut” (A piece of truth) and “Sinfonia I” (das Thema: Wasser)

Through internet communication the artist can conquer the world, present his art and get to know new friends and patrons.